maandag 6 oktober 2014

Soul Wound Healing Through Meditation

Our connection with the Supreme Soul, with meditation, is the best means of recovering the inner wounds and unfavorable traces, inside the soul, which have actually been left by the unfavorable karmas of the past. Given below is a meditation commentary that will help you to absorb the favorable healing energy of the Supreme in order to do the exact same. I become aware of myself as a small gleaming star of light, situated just above the eyebrows - a soul ... In soul consciousness, I experience the beauty of the many qualities like peace, love and happiness; of the spiritual being that I am ... Now I turn my mind to the soul world ... Over there, I imagine, in front of me - a gleaming Sun of golden light - God, the Dad and Mother of me, the soul ... He radiates enormous spiritual energy ... I turn my mind and intelligence to his light ... I feel the heat of His presence and the light of His love for me carefully healing the wounds of the past that are buried deep inside me, the soul ... injuries left by ego, fear, grief, jealousy, hatred, anger ... While I sit and absorb this recovery energy from the Source, I also transfer that light and favorable energy out into the world ... This light touches everybody I understand and have actually ever known ... It is a light which also recovers my unfavorable vision of them ... I now acknowledge everyone around me as brother souls, playing their own unique functions ... With this brand-new soul-conscious vision, I experience unconditional love for each soul and all negative memories and past harms connected with each of my relationships is purposely released ... The past is forgotten, resulting in a deep feeling of liberty inside me ... The beauty of the Law of Karma is realizing that when our awareness is fulled of joy, peace and love for others today; and we transmit that positivity to others through our words and actions, the energy got back from each of our relationships, as a result of doing that; guarantees that our own future will be bright.